How would a roadside manual on how to change a tire be different from the information on how to change a tire included in the owner’s manual?


Roadside manual is for any car in general. a owners manual is for that specific car
A roadside manual for how to change a tire would be much more simple in the explanation than it would be in the owners manual.

The difference is in the context of tire replacement. The owner's manual has a strictly technical explanation of how to change the tire, regardless of where the tire is replaced. A manual for changing tires on a road should contain precautionary measures against accidents. On the roads the cars pass very fast, so drivers should be instructed to seek a safe place to change the tire without suffering an accident or run over.

Well, I am guessing here, as I have read neither, but I presume that a roadside manual would be more general about how to change tyres in general on cars, whilst the owners' manual would include model- or make-specific information, such as where the correct spot under your car is to put the jack, and where the spare tyre and jack are kept in the particular model of car you own.

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