Writing and reasoning would you rather have 10 pennies or 2 dimes? why?


nobody is fidda write a whole essay

michael’s company should invest in the updating of every section as well as data and processes technology and software. through the analysis of the manufacturing process, the company can take a clear approach towards the best way to improve not only the process but also de final result. some of the main problems that manufacturing companies face are the waste of material due to disorganized processes and the lack of real-time process checkings. this can be solved with specific software and machines that can turn paperwork into the digital era and that will reduce the time employees take on that, being this time better apply to control the production process and communication among different sectors of the company, the product will be made in shorter time with better quality and more profit

I would have 2 dimes because it is 20 cents and ten pennies is only 10 cents. Also because it is less to Carry, you can lose 10 pennies much more easier than just 2 dimes
In my opinion, I would rather have 2 dimes because it would be easier to to keep track of.

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