Is one of my favorite holidays because our entire family of aunts, uncles, and cousins meets at my grandma jo's and grandpa jake's house for a great feast. however, waiting for our traditional 4: 00 pm meal time is almost impossible. from the moment i arrive, i smell roasting turkey and freshly baked rolls, not to mention aunt louise's famous cinnamon apple crunch pie. luckily, we can snack on vegetable and fruit while we wait. however, nothing compares to the delicious meal. it is worth the wait. i fill my plate with yellow squash, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, fresh cranberries, and turkey. after finishing off my meal with pie, i go to the den to watch a little football. i am completely stuffed!

which statement best follows the provided information and concludes the paragraph?
a) is a nice holiday, but i am glad it is over.
b) next saturday i am going to try out for basketball at the rec center.
c) i don't think i will eat that much ever again, until next , that is.
d) "steve, why don't you watch the game in your room with your brother? " my father asked.


breathe, think and analyze the situation, pull them aside and talk to them about it

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C is the only answer that makes sense. This is because He states that he is full, and says nothing about being glad its over, or going to a sports game. There is also no dialogue so d wouldn't work.

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