In the following sentence, which possessive pronoun is being used as an adjective?

our goal is to have four new designs by may.


I believe the word new ‍♀️
C. their 

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Their, because it’s describing the car along with new

The possessive pronoun in this sentence is "her" because the book belongs to her, and she owns the book, therefore because she possesses the book, her is the possessive pronoun!

The possessive pronoun being used as an adjective is "their".


In English, the following possessive pronouns are also called possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their. They function as an adjective due to the fact that they modify a noun to indicate possession. Also, they cannot stand alone in the sentence; they need to come with the noun they are modifying. In the sentence we are analyzing here, the noun "car" is being modified by "their".

There are possessive pronouns, however, that can stand alone in a sentence. They are the absolute possessive pronouns: mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, yours, theirs. Let's study the examples:

- Did you see their new car in the parking lot? (possessive adjective)

- Oh, that's not theirs. That one is mine. (absolute possessive pronouns)

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The possessive pronoun in this sentence is "her" because the book belongs to her, and she owns the book.



Because it is next to another name

"their" because its connect with the adjective new and their means that its someones car
Our is the pronoun in the sentence 
The possessive pronoun is OUR GOAL. 

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