Which part of speech is the underlined word?

fresh fruit seldom lasts at our house.






I'm not going to make it tonight and

idk but i did find this


in the story of the cowardly lion and the hungry tiger, we first see the two characters inside the empty throne room of ozma, bored and sadly very much aware of their uselessness as guardians. they talked about the good old days when they used to be feared. they proceeded to make up stories of how fearsome they were. the cowardly lion professed that he can tear men/women into pieces, while the hungry tiger said he would eat fat babies. but when they proceeded to act upon their words they were forced to realize that they were indeed harmless and good animals who would rather be called cowardly and hungry than harm a woman or eat a child.

The actual correct answer is B. adverb.
D the answer is d okay

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