Please help I will mark you BRAINLIST

Please help I will mark you BRAINLIST


1. both men a determined to break douglass.

2. douglass is still considered to be one of captain anthony's possessions.

3. douglass escapes to freedom in the north and changes his name.

4. the events are usually written from a distance in time.

5. the recording of events in chronological order.

in   ¨and yet the books¨   by czelaw miloz the tone is positive since it tells us that when we touch a book, it starts to live and the perspective is in the third person and turns once into the first person. in "the rhinoceros" by eugene ionesco the tone is illogical and absurd   and the perspective is in the third person since it is a play.

what do you mean.

do we have to write a essay?

if this is a true or false question its true

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