Choose the right answer. 1. I must/ may/can/could be at the meeting by 10:00. I will probably must/be able to/ have to take a taxi if I want to be in time.
2. You can/can't/must/mustn't be so rude! Why don't you sometimes try saying "please"?
3. Yesterday, I might/had to/could/should sit up late for my French final.
4. Ingrid received a scholarship to University. She may not worry at all about the cost
of education.
5. Oh no! I forgot to pick Jenny up at the airport. She should/could/must still be there waiting for us.
6. I've tried this math problem at least twenty times, but my answer is wrong according
to the answer key. The answer in the book must/ought to/ has to be wrong!​


my answer is the spanish won

What exactly do you need with? i will try and do my best to you

Sorry I don't know but I think try goggle

1- (could be at..)/(have to take..)
2- (cant..) (mustn’t could work if ur in the Uk I think)
3- (had to sit..)
4- (what)
5- they all work, but since its not a question, u can use (should, or must,) but since Im guessing ur not in the uk, its best if u use (should)
6- I think its (has to be..)
I hope I helped! :))

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