Do you think this is a good essay? We all like judging the covers of books do we not? When was the last time you judged a book, someone or something, by its cover? I know for me it hasn’t been that long ago. But we also like judging pictures too right? Well I bet I can judge a movie clip and a picture and compare the two. I will be comparing a picture of the balcony scene from romeo and juliet and a movie clip of the romeo and juliet balcony scene. I honestly think that the movie clips were more useful

The movie clips that were played out from Shakespeare's script were pretty tremendous I must say. The acting was almost like if the story was not written by Shakespeare and instead was recorded by him. But the picture doesn't have Romeo in it. It also doesn't have words so if someone saw it for the first time not knowing that it was Juliet and the balcony scene then they would not think of it as Juliet in the balcony.

In other words, the video clip gives you more explanation because there is feeling and changed emotion and there are also words that back up those emotions. On the other hand for the picture, there are only lines and curves and it's just a drawing although it does show a romantic feeling we don’t know this for sure but the roses do symbolize Romeo when it comes to the picture.

Do you think this is a good essay?

We all like judging the covers of books do we not? When was th


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is it supposed to be a short essay? Overall looks great!

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