Read the line from walt whitman's poem "song of myself."
of the moon that descends the steeps of the soughing twilight
what is the meaning of the word steeps?
a.) soaking
b.) saturation
c.) surroundings
d.) filling
e.) heights


the answer to question is  c. surroundings

The best option seems to be E) heights


The word "steep" has many possible meanings. It can mean "to soak" something in a liquid in order to make it softer, for instance. But that does not fit in the context we have here.

In this case, especially because of the use of the verb "to descend" to describe the moon's action, option E sounds more plausible. It would be the same as saying, 'Of the moon that descends the heights of the soughing twilight'. One of the meanings of "steep" describes something that has the quality of being very high.

C. Surroundings would be your answer. Heights can also be an answer, but they want the exact more direct answer, so C. 

Hope this helps. 

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