Consider the following theme: “it is important to differentiate between imagination and reality.” is this theme universal? why or why not?


Yes I do believe the theme is universal. Imagination is pretty much what someone wishes something was real, like daydreaming or just plain dreaming. Reality is what is real. Its not a dream and you have full consciousness. Most people cannot control their dreams so this, in my opinion, differentiates between dreams and reality. Also please mark brainliest. Hope I helped ^^
Yes all arounbd the wold we do thinks we consider normal
The theme is not universal because not anyone, anywhere would struggle with this differentiation. There may be some cultures that value imagination and encourage children to interpret reality imaginatively. There may be cultures and individuals for whom the issue does not apply.
I would say this theme is universal. That is because of the significant difference between the two ie imagination and reality. Reality is the way things actually are, in fact and it can be called hard reality because it can be difficult and require a lot of hard work to make it successful and sacrifice, whereas imagination is or can be wondering how things are in say another place or in the future and it may or may not reflect reality. On the other hand, visualizing how one would like things to be can be a powerful tool to make them actually happen that way.,
I think the theme is universal. I think so because the phrase 'it is important to differentiate between imagination and reality' applies to everyone and possibly every situation. Sometimes, we perceive things that aren't really there, and we imagine them. It is important that we know the difference of these imagined perceptions from what is really happening.

Yes, it is universal.

Going as far back as the origins of philosophy or the great Epics of Antiquity, one of the most pervasive and elusive of problems has been developing a scheme or a method to differentiate between the fantasies and images of the imagination and the actual and independent structure of reality. From Parmenides to Descartes, up to our present day, this one questions remains unsolved: what are the mind´s constructs (fantasy, wit, imagination) when contrasted with objects independent of the mind.  

Yes. The inability to differentiate between imagination and reality is insanity, and that is extremely dangerous. People who lack this ability are paranoid and irrational, and may be a threat to themselves and others

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