Which purpose of mythology is not illustrated by the story of arachne? literature religion explanation of natural phenonmena history


Mythology is the answer
I believe that the purpose of mythology that is not illustrated by the story of Arachne is religion. Literature is definitely the purpose, because the story was rewritten by Ovid, so it appears in literature. History is also a part of it, because it tells the historical circumstances. Explanation of natural phenomena is illustrated in the story, because it gives a mythological explanation of how spiders were created.
Explanation of Natural Phenomena 
C explanation of natural phenomena. Natural Phenomenas were not discussed in the story of Athena. There are many versions but in general throughout Arachne's story the goddess Athena served a main purpose as well as other gods. Literature and history are depicted in several ways with the ideas of fate and myths in general.

The correct answer is actually C. or the explanation of natural phenonmena. Most mythology-based belief systems, (a belief being a belief in and of itself doesn't make it a dogmatic belief of a cult or strict religion) are just a collaboration of beliefs. They are just beliefs of the explanation of natural phenonmena, nothing more, nothing less. Religions, which are often founded by cults, on the other hand, are all of that, plus what a person must and must not do in order to be worthy of something, usually being paradise in an afterlife. So, therefore, again the answer would be C.

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C is the anwser for edgenu

Explanation of natural phenomena.


in the narrative of Athena, natural phenomenas were not talked about . There are numerous variants however when all is said in done all through Arachne's story the goddess Athena filled a fundamental need just as different divine beings.

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