How it is different between job and work?


c.enriched jobs contain a larger number of similar​ tasks, while enlarged jobs include some of the planning and control necessary for job accomplishment.
A. What they produce

Young people in France do not hold jobs as much as their US counterparts do.  Most teens under 18 in France don't hold jobs at all. However, French students may quit school at 16 to become an apprentice.  This doesn't happen in the U.S.


Those are the three major differences.

A career usually requires a higher level of education than a job.

A job is short term while a career is long term.

A job is usually more temporary than what we would a career to be.

C. enriched jobs involve vertical​ expansion, while enlarged jobs involve horizontal expansion.


Job enrichment involves increasing an employees responsibilities for planning and coordination through vertical expansion whereas job enlargement involves giving an employee a larger portion of the total task through horizontal expansion.

both (a) and (b) are true

That is:

a. job one pays less per day but more per hour.

b. job three pays more per day and more per hour.


An indifference curve is one that shows all combinations of a good or activity that gives the same level of satisfaction to the consumer, and so the consumer is indifferent.

In this instance the worker is indifferent between job one lasting 4 hours a day, job two lasting 8 hours a day (pays $10 an hour), and job three lasting 12 hours a day.

For the worker to be indifferent job one must pay more per hour and less per day. Whole job 3 wi pay more per day and more per hour.

 Fundamentally a job/task is what work is done, while a process is how it is done, usually anthropomorphised as who does it. ... A “job” often means a set of processes, while a “task” may mean a process, a thread, a process or thread, or, distinctly, a unit of work done by a process or thread.Jun 19, 2010




Enriched jobs involve vertical expansion, while enlarged jobs involve horizontal expansion. Enriched jobs grow you through the position, and elevate you, Enlarged jobs ensure you're doing well probably making more income but not growing in that field.

A. What they produce


Industries are known to be group of companies which deal with the production of goods (products) and services. They make raw materials to pass through the production process and change them to specific goods. Also, they are categorized according to what they produce. For example: phone industries produces phones, pharmaceutical industries deal with the production of drugs, textile industries produces cloth and so on. Thus, these industries can be established by private sector or public sector.

Job is "work" that gives you pay. "Work" is just.. uh.. labour. Can be volunteer or just general work. Sorry for my cringe worthy answer

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