An aerial photograph of the Durrat Al Bahrain islands. The image above and the description below are from NASA. The image was taken from the International Space Station and written by an Expedition 26 crew member. Durrat Al Bahrain (23 Jan. 2011) --- Durrat Al Bahrain, Bahrain, is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 26 crew member on the International Space Station. Set at the southern end of Bahrain Island, at the furthest point from the cities of the kingdom, is a new complex of 14 artificial islands designed for residential living and tourism with luxury hotels and shopping malls. Aimed at a cosmopolitan clientele, the Durrat Al Bahrain includes 21 square kilometers of new surface area—for more than 1,000 residences—that has been designed as The Islands (six “atolls” leading off five fish-shaped “petals”), The Crescent, Hotel Island in the center of the complex, and Durrat Marina in the north. The spectacular outline of this development, and others such as the Palm Jumeirah and World Islands developments in the Persian Gulf, are best appreciated from above. Views from jet liners at high altitude—and orbital platforms such as the International Space Station—are the only ways to fully appreciate these sights. This detailed photograph shows that construction on the southern two atolls and petals has yet to begin. Artificial beaches have been created on the inner shorelines of the Crescent and petals, with smaller beaches on the inner ends of the atolls and Hotel Island. The angular outline of the golf course, where many more residences are planned to line the fairways, can be seen between The Crescent and the marina. What may be a second marina at the south end of the complex mirrors the one on the north, appears to be part of the complex, but it does not figure in some earlier plans for the Durrat Al Bahrain. Which of the following best defines the word “cosmopolitan” as it is used in this piece? A. wise B. transient C. cultured D. eccentric E. wealthy

An aerial photograph of the Durrat Al Bahrain islands. The image above and the description below ar


the answer would be $18.75.

all you have to do is multiply 125 times 0.15 to get your answer

hope this (rate me brainliest ! )

It has to be either D or E, I myself put D but much like you, I am very confused on this one


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