Read the passage from Sugar Changed the World. Sugar was the connection, the tie, between slavery and freedom. In order to create sugar, Europeans and colonists in the Americas destroyed Africans, turned them into objects. Just at that very same moment, Europeans—at home and across the Atlantic—decided that they could no longer stand being objects themselves. They each needed to vote, to speak out, to challenge the rules of crowned kings and royal princes. How could that be? Why did people keep speaking of equality while profiting from slaves? In fact, the global hunger for slave-grown sugar led directly to the end of slavery. Following the strand of sugar and slavery leads directly into the tumult of the Age of Revolutions. For in North America, then England, France, Haiti, and once again North America, the Age of Sugar brought about the great, final clash between freedom and slavery. Based on this excerpt, the authors are most likely to attempt to answer which question? How did colonists challenge the rules of crowned kings? How did the Age of Sugar differ from the Age of Revolutions? When did Europeans decide to speak about equality? Why did some Europeans decide they wanted to speak out about slavery?


there is no picture just let me know what it is and i can you tho : ) mark me the brainliest ? have a good day

the answer is a 100% b) communism

hope dis ya ; )

C (When did Europeans decide to speak about equality?)  


The question is asking you to state your own question and i took the exam and the answer turned out correct.

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