Read the paragraph below before answering Which of these sentences best supports the main idea of this passage?
sentence 2
sentence 8
sentence 3
sentence 14


a. "to practice" is the best phrase to complete the sentence.


during the summer, she likes to practice her soccer skills so that she is ready to play in the fall.

(note that : all the other options "the practicing of", "practice for" and "to do a practice on" are inappropriate as they make the sentence grammatically incorrect.)

rivernaysan = anniversary

for some reason there is another anniversary but, that is correct

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Here is why I think it's C,

Option A introduces the idea that people in the desert "nomads", have no use of electricity and it also talks about how they transport electricity to Europe

Though, this cannot be the answer, because while it is talking about electricity, it's talking more about the transportation

Option B cannot be it either, it's just stating a fact that Austria is a country in Europe, this has nothing to do with electricity itself

Option C says clearly on how they ship power to Europe, and even explains the process, which is why I think it's C

Option D is just a metaphor, but it's nothing to do with the actual main idea

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