What effect is achieved by the author's inclusion of the details in paragraph 4? A) It makes the reader more prone to view the bonobos with awe and wonder. B) It makes the reader find the activities of the bonobos familiar and relatable. C) It makes the reader feel sorry for the bonobos. D) It convinces the reader that the bonobos should be saved from extinction.


the correct answer is d. in john paston's letter written friday, 14, 1476, he expresses his fear that he may have to go to war.

indeed, although the black death was ravaging europe, the pastons were relatively safe from it due to their social status as they were part of the landed gentry. it is clear that the vast majority of the victims of the pandemic were the poor. the reason why he is weary of having to go to war is because at the particular time england was also devastated by the war of the roses and paston, being a courtesan was inevitably involved.

what is the question ?

I also think it's B.


B) It makes the reader find the activities of the bonobos familiar n relatable.

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