How does Odysseus's hubris doom the crew?

Odysseus is too proud that thank Poseidon with a sacrifice before setting sail.

Odysseus renounces the gods for allowing Polyphemus to eat his guests and not be punished.

Odysseus boasts he can outwit the gods, thereby incurring Poseidon's wrath.

Odysseus gives his name to Polyphemus, allowing him to pray for Odysseus's downfall.

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Odysseus renounces the gods
He encourages them to eat the cattle of the sun-god
Definitely C. The cyclops prays to poseiden leading to Ody's shipwreck

Letter C.


Odysseus first outwits Polyphemus by telling him his name was 'Nobody'. So that after being blinded by Odyseeus and his men while asleep, Polyphemus cried in pain to the other cyclops: 'Nobody blinded me!' - which made them think he has gone mad. This distraction made Odysseus and his remaining crew escape possible, but not before rashly revealing his name. After learning it, Polyphemus prays to Poseidon (his father) for Odysseus' downfall.

This did not cause their ship to wreck yet, but kicked off a sequence of disastrous events that caused his entire crew but him, to fall.

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