Teaching Pilots to Fly

At some point in their lives, certain people have a desire to fly—they want to experience the exhilaration of taking control of an airplane and soaring through the sky. For me, Daryl Estevez, that desire has been with me my whole life. I grew up surrounded by pilots. My grandfather was an Army fighter pilot in the Korean War, and three of my uncles fly airplanes for a living. I got hooked on planes at a young age and dreamed of becoming a pilot. In an officer’s training program in college, I learned I would not be eligible to fly for the military because of problems with my eyesight, but I was determined to fulfill my dream anyway.

Earning a pilot’s license is not a simple process. I wanted to earn a private pilot’s license so that I would be able to fly small airplanes all over the world. To get this type of license, student pilots must complete at least 40 hours of training, practice flying with a flight instructor in numerous circumstances—such as at night and in various weather conditions—and practice flying an airplane solo for at least 10 hours.

Even though my vision did not meet the stringent requirements of the military, I met the criteria to become a private pilot, and my dream came true in 2004 when I earned my license to fly. Since then I have flown from coast to coast in the United States, and it’s everything I imagined it would be and more. There is nothing more thrilling than having the freedom to travel wherever I want. In 2007, I realized I wanted to help other people follow their passion for flight, too, and that’s when I earned another license—as a flight instructor.

I truly enjoy guiding students as they build that foundation—from teaching them the mechanics of how a plane works to helping them master the rules of flight. It is paramount that pilots develop a solid foundation of aeronautical knowledge before they ever hit the runway. The Federal Aviation Administration actually requires it. Just like driver’s education classes prepare students to be skilled and safe on the road, ground school classes teach pilots to be skilled and safe in the sky.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of deaths every year due to pilot error. But student pilots who take their training seriously will understand the value of all those hours of preparation and will learn to operate an airplane safely from takeoff to touchdown. Then, like I did that first time I climbed above the clouds, they will know the thrill of flight.

How does Paragraph 4 develop the idea that pilots need to have a foundation of aeronautical knowledge in order to fly?

It explains that student pilots receive training on the ground.

It suggests that students who gain aeronautical knowledge will experience the thrill of flight.

It explains that the FAA requires pilots to master the rules of flight so they are safe when flying.

It includes information that student pilots will be guided by experienced pilots.


I think the answer is c

The overall percentage voters the senator will have is 48.69%

Step-by-step explanation:

The ratio of males to females  3:2

Percentage of registered voters male = 42%

Percentage of registered voters female = 64%

let the total male = x

let the total female = y

votes of male = 0.42x

votes of female = 0.64y

0.42x/0.64y = 3/2

cross multiply

0.42x * 2 = 0.64y x 3

x = 1.92y / 0.84

x = 16/7 y

Senators total votes = (0.42x + 0.64y / x + y ) x 100

                    = (0.42(16/7y) + 0.64y / (16/7y) + y) x 100

= ((0.06 x 16 + 0.64) y / 23/7 y) x 100

= (0.96 + 0.64/ 23) x 7 x 100

= (1.60 / 23 x 7 x 100)

= 48.69%

Therefore the overall percentage that the senator will get is 48.69%

I think its C

Between 1820 and 1840 there was a huge growth in immigration. With higher population the demand of homes, jobs and basic necessities also grew causing an out demand of these supplies, making these people to go homeless.

The jobs available for this (pronounced) amount of people paid very small salaries, making the people to become poor. The year 1843 came with the birth of the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, which aimed to help people in these conditions.  The Randall’s Island Nursery was very famous. It provided the children with food, water and where to live. These children were mainly orphaned and abandoned by parents who couldn’t afford to provide their children with a better life. The homeless also were assisted by social programs such as asylums. Charles Loring Brace was of huge importance in this and in the creation of the Children’s Aid Society. In the 1870’s a pronounced economic depression hugely affected the society (with the most vulnerable facing the worst part) causing the people to lost homes and jobs. Many families were assisted by the Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor in the years 1873 and 1874.

The second half of 1800, however, was also a period of expansion, population growth and economic prosperity for many. Industrialization and unrestrained capitalism were key factors for American Society’s development. Private Capital and investment shaped economic growth (the low government restrictions were very important for this) and big industries, banks, and corporations were built.  Investors such as John D. Rockefeller (oil), John Jacob Astor (real estate) and J.P Morgan (banking) were key figures of growth in stock market.

d for 17   avoid war


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