The connotation for the word duration


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Dream= it makes me think that id i have a dream then things will get better or go my way.potential= the ability to do something big/good in the world.destiny= we all have destinies and we are the ones who control how it goes. they are usually good me to know these because now i understand how the things these people are doing can be good for the world. 

1. In this paragraph, there might be some words that we are not familiar with. However, it is important to not let these words stop us from comprehending the rest of the passage. One way to do so is by employing context clues and connotation. When we employ these techniques, we try to figure out the meaning of the words based on their location in the text or in the words that surround them. In this way, we are able to better understand words in the article.

2. The first example is the word "paraffin." I was able to understand this word thanks to the word "lanterns." This means that paraffin is most likely a material used to make candles or lanterns. The second example is the word "circuit breaker." Although I do not know what this is, I can tell that it is an invention that uses nails and magnets. Finally, I did not know the word "harnessed," but based on the clues, I understood that the boy made use of the wind.

3. Three words that have positive connotations are incredible, saved and energetic. The author tells us that the story is incredible, that the boy saved the town and that Africa's new generation are energetic. All of these words suggest that the story is wonderful and uncommon, and that the article tells a positive story.

1. I used context clues and connotations to make inferences about the text. Words such as "'energetic," "dare," and "dream," give off positive connotations which help the reader identify the meaning of the passage. This is accomplished by the words that surround the above words in the passage, which allow the reader to guess what the above listed words mean. It is also accomplished by the connotations of the above words, which are positive and hopeful. Therefore, by using the above methods, I used context clues and the connotations of various words to decipher the meaning of the text.
(The answer is D.).

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