In marianne's view, a potential lover should have which of the following qualities? select all that apply
a sense of duty
good judgment


Imagination, sense of duty, good judgement, and passion

the answer is: imagination and passion

marianne dashwood is a 16 years old girl, her sister elinor based all her thoughts and actions in the sense, representing the sense part of the book while marianne is the other part, sensibility, she is all about feelings and impulses and her potential lover should have imagination and be passionate.




odyssey ware

In Marianne's view, a potential lover should have the qualities of Imagination and Passion.

Option A and D.


Marianne Dashwood is one of the central character from the novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’ written by Jane Austen. The novel revolves around the story of Dashwood sisters: Elinor and Marianne. Marianne’s ideas of love, sorrow, and joy is totally different from her sister Elinor. Marianne have a very romantic idealism, she feels that a potential lover should possess the qualities of imagination and passion. He should be passionate enough to understand her love and should have an imaginative ideas and belief about love.

a sense of duty,good judgement ,and above all passion.

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