Which of these is a characteristic of cool air?

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it rises through the lower atmosphere.

it is found close to earth's surface.

it sinks due to convection.

it moves through radiation.


It sinks due to convection is a characteristic of cool air.

It sinks due to convection.


Convection is the procedure by which warmth is move starting with one spot then onto the next through the development of liquids. It is High barometrical weight, Low ability to hold water, Low lightness and the propensity to sink on account of its high thickness.

The warm air that ascents high into the climate over the land in the end moves over the water, chills off, sinks, and afterward pushes toward the land once more. This daytime development of air almost a waterway is brought about by convection. This pushes the less thick (lighter) air over the water higher into the environment.

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