Can you teach me about different things when i read the sentences when you first come on this website it doesn't really tell me anything about what i asked for


The authors choice of words and language

b. cronkite, a trusted television personality, declared that the war was unwinnable and told the american people that the government had better find a way out

even though it went against everything the news anchors typically stood for, cronkite voiced an opinion and took a stance, telling the us that there was no way they were going to win, the war was going to end in a stalemate. 

answer: "the beating heart symbolizes the narrator's conscience, or his sense of guilt and wrongdoing" so its b


"to look at him, or hear him describe it, he had no guilt. however, poe decided to symbolize this man's subconscious guilt through the heartbeat."

Ifound this on google i hope it .

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