Which of the following is an example of consonance?

a) the r sound in “liquor, power, generate, therein, sire and flower”

b) the m sound in “and many little birds make melody”

c) bud/sun/run

d) the a sound in “and made agreement that we’d early rise”

answer quick and correct


ok so first you gotta find y

first step


second step (part a)


second step (part b)

10y-2=9y+7 (since there was negative 5 and 5 was bigger our answer will be in negative)

third step


fourth step (part a)


fourth step (part b)


fifth step


ok now tht u got the y

the second part will be ez

now i will be doing b

GI=9× 9+7



Step-by-step explanation:

explanation for the first step: since GH+HI=GI our equation will be 7y+3+3y-5=9y+7

explanation for the second step( part a)

add all the numbers which has y with one another

explanation for the second step (part b)

add all the numbers which are without the y

( do not do the one after the equal sign (=) )

explanation for the third step

we move all the y in one side ( with their number ofc)

and all the numbers without y to the other

(obv the sign changes when u move them)

explanation for the fourth step (part a)

we add them ( all the y together)

explanation for the fourth step (part b)

we add them ( all the number without y)

explanation for the fifth step

we remove 1 cz 1y=y

now i will be doing b

explanation for the first step (for q b)

since y=9

we will replace y with 9

explanation for the second step (for q b)

as the rule of math we will do the multiplication first

and 9× 9=81

explanation for the third step

add 81 and 7

now the answer

a) y= 9

b) GI= 88

hope this help and hope I explained everything


Nixon thinks America is progressing; Kennedy thinks America is standing still.

Just took the test.

its false i just did a test and i got it wrong because i did true.

dreka is the answers casues sghvkl







The answer is (d) Find a way to make humans reproduce faster.


Please answer quick this is a timed quiz! Which of these lines from The Outsiders is an example of conflict between an individual and himself?

"So Soda and I stay out of trouble as much as we can, and we’re careful not to get caught when we can’t."

"I had a long walk home and no company, but I usually lone it anyway." A:"Sometimes I just don’t use my head. . . . I make good grades and have a high IQ and everything, but I don’t use my head."

A: "I'm not saying that either Socs or greasers are better; that's just the way things are."



13/36 or 0.361

Step-by-step explanation:

it’s the second one on the picture


I think that you were suppose to complete the sentence. So instead of saying "No hay muchos." You were suppose to say "No hay muchos estudiantes en la Nebrija." I hope this helps. :)

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