Name three things politicians do to immortalize themselves


Politicians do a variety of things to immortalize themselves, some of which include the following:

1. Naming government schemes, infrastructure after themselves.

2. Building statues of themselves.

3. Build institutions named after them; e.g. colleges, hospitals, etc.


Politicians have certain conventional ways of immortalizing themselves. It's not uncommon for us to stumble upon their names often, in our daily lives. That in itself, is a sign of the success of their efforts in trying to immortalize themselves.

1. A lot of government schemes, especially those that benefit the whole society are named after politicians. e.g. Universal Health Care schemes, minimum wages scheme, etc.

2. Building statues of themselves is not a new tradition and continues to be one of the favored methods of politicians.

3. The number of colleges and hospitals named after politicians is countless, in a way constantly reminding people of them. There is no better way to immortalize yourself than this simply for the reason that institutions last for a centuries.

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