What is the speakers attitude of the poem in the poem trust by susan


i believe being nice to m family is the right thing to do. they are people too and the deserve the same respect i have. they are there for me when i need them. i believe i should always put my family first because that is just how life is suppose to be. i love each and every member of my family and i should respect and act like i do. i believe that being nice to your family makes it easier for them to be nice to you. thats why i believe what i do.

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the underlined phrase is an example of : understatment

1. this would be first person. it would be like "i walked home from school today" they are the narrator of the story and is a character as well.

2. first person because they used the word "i" in the quote.

3. i'm really not sure about this one i'm really sorry i never read it so i wouldn't know how to answer it. 

4. it would be character vs. society because everyone he meets there is always a conflict of some sort because he's stuck in his daydream.

5. it would be sadness at the loss of youth because the title itself tells us it's about age so it couldn't be about regret. and the tone just sounds sad, not angry. 

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Ithink it’s because ofhd

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