Analyze the figurative language that hurston uses on page 29 to describe janie’s feelings about joe: "janie pulled back a long time because he did not represent sun-up and pollen and blooming trees, but he spoke for far horizon." what does this description suggest about the future of her relationship with joe?


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As per the excerpt given, Janie is longing for a relationship like a 'pear trees'(as a metaphor) that would remain 'blooming'. She had very high hopes and prospects regarding the very idea of marriage which although Joe didn't meet up(as reflected by the phrase 'but he spoke for far horizon'). But despite this contradiction, they both(Janie and Joe) were destined to be together. The author implies that the future of their relationship would be determined by Janie's realization that would compel her to leave her expectations behind and accept the reality(flaws) in their relationship and marriage. Because, Joe could never be able to be the person who she asks him to be and would never be able to meet up her high fantasies or desires.

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