What is the function of the following sentence?

what i do know is that there were at least 30 names already signed up on the list in the cafeteria.
to request action
to make a bold statement
to express disappointment
to ask a question


the following key ideas correctly express the key sentence.

restate key idea: most people can learn to swim in ten short lessons.

restate key idea: the majority of water-accident victims require mouth-to-mouth breathing.

restate key idea: an empty, tightly closed gallon jug will support a tired swimmer.  

restate key idea: first aid is to prevent accidents as well as assist in rescue.

explanation: the key idea needs to have the same topic as the key sentence (drowning and safety).

he wants to suppress a potential uprising of the animals.

he wants to distract the animals from learning the truth.

he wants to prove to the other animals that he is



i dont care if you mark brainliest cause im not desperate

answer: yes

explanation: yes

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