excerpt from the peachtree road race: a race like no other
david matherne

the peachtree road race is unique as a 10k road race in three distinctive ways: it is run on the 4th of july, it has a rich tradition, and it is the most competitive 10k in the world.
which is the best meaning for rich as it is used in this sentence from the first paragraph?
a) strange
b) vibrant
c) murky
d) wealthy


The answer is B) vibrant
The answer is B) interesting.
The answer is the second one. (B)
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You didn’t mention the paragraph..

The correct answer is interesting

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My assumption is wealthy based on the choices provided, but the word "rich" has different meanings based on different words. Is it possible for you to copy the sentence for me? :)


What is the paragraph.

A) would be like rich chocolate, as overwhelming

B) im not sure

c) its like mud

d) lots of money



B. Vibrant

Explanation: Just took the test.

B) Vibrant


i took the test your welcome!!!

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