Which words describe the relationship between hrothgar and beowulf?


The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "Hear ye and hearken: haste is most fitting." The words that describe the relationship between Hrothgar and Beowulf is this Hear ye and hearken: haste is most fitting
Mutual respect and loyalty.
Mistrust and Hatred are some pretty good ones
I must have forgot hrothgar but beowulf was a mighty person. and became a king but soon died by a dragon

Beowulf and Hrothgar knew each other and each one had a great deal of respect for for the exploits and feats that the other has accomplished. Hrothgar respected Beowulf for his fame, and Beowulf also respected Hrothgar, being that he was a noble king.

The words which describe the relationship between Hrothgar and Beowulf is respect and loyalty.

In the stories of the Anglo Saxons, Comitatus is the relationship between the ruler and his thanes. In the story, “Beowulf” there exists a relationship of honor, friendship and respect among the ruler and the thanes. Beowulf protects his lord Hrothgar in the first part of the story. Beowulf is willing to fight for Hrothgar as he believes in what he stands for.

The correct answer is mutual respect. Beowulf respects Hrothgar as a king and Hrothgar knows who Beowulf is. The saxon code had them all respect each other based on their families, and Beowulf was famous so Hrothgar respected him, and since Hrothgar was a noble king, Beowulf respected him as well.


The answer is mutual respect and loyalty.  Both men knew each other and had a high respect for the exploits and feats that each has accomplished. That is the reason why Hrothgar was overjoyed that Beowulf vowed to rid his kingdom of Grendel.

Mutual respect and loyalty :)


The words which describe the relationship between Hrothgar and Beowulf were mutual respect and loyalty.


In spite of the fact that Beowulf and Hrothgar had no close to home relationship before Beowulf landed to kill Grendel, Hrothgar knew Beowulf's dad, regarded him and accepts that Beowulf may have the option to help spare Heorot. The storyteller in Beowulfdescribes Grendel as a beast who was thrown out from seeing men.

Accordingly, Beowulf feels some devotion toward Hrothgar. In spite of the fact that Hrothgar was a relentless warrior in his day, when the epic story in Beowulf happens he is an old lord, no longer ready to guard his kin against the pillaging devil Grendel. He'd presumably rather be playing shuffleboard now.

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