Acharacter in "the gift of the magi" wants to write about he or she has learned from experiences through the course of the story. how would he/she write a letter​


On the other hand, one could certainly make the argument that these characters are static, meaning that they remain relatively unchanged in any significant way in the story.
Magi is from the story "The Gift of Magi". The word "Magi" is used to refer as the "Three Wise Men" who were known to have visited and gave special gifts to Jesus. In this story, a young couple is being related to them. The author refers to the Magi in the story to show the Magi's purpose. This purpose is to emphasize the importance of sacrificial and selfless love. The answer for this is option B.
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He feels that he way because

The setting suggests that the author identifies with the unsung heroes of the world (B).

First of all, the story is dystopian, which means that the author is denouncing, and not praising, a certain system. Dystopia is often used as a caricature of phenomena the author views as threats (artifical intelligence, for example).Second, the protagonist contrasts with this system, which indicates that she is probably depicted as an admirable character and that the writer is on her side.

From this, you can infer that this story is a caricature of the way our world sometimes fails to recognize the exploits of some people, and maybe even praises these people for being humble about it.

the answer is b guys and girls.

C. The Magi’s purpose was to stress the significance of sacrificial love is the correct answer.



they would get a piecie of paper and write words


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