What does the knight mean when he says, “take all my wealth and let my body go”?

a) he would rather die than keep his wealth

b) he would rather be penniless than marry the old woman

c) he would rather keep his wealth than give himself to her

d) he would rather die than give up his wealth


transactional marriage, assuming she is after his money and not his love. hypocritical, he did not let the body of the girl he raped go.

The answer is B. He would rather be penniless than marry the old woman.


The knight had previously struck a bargain with the old woman. Her part was to reveal to him what women really want. In return, he would do anything she may require of him.

Now, it's his turn to honor the agreement. The old lady asks that the two of them get married. The prospect of marrying an old and ugly woman disgusts him, so he begs her to wish for anything else. He would rather give her every penny he has than his body.

And that is how the medieval motif of "loathly lady" was born in Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales". It's a motif of a seemingly old and decrepit woman who is actually under a spell. Only a man who agrees to be with her in spite of her looks can break the spell. And that's what our knight does. He finally accepts the marriage, being left with no other options. But on their wedding night, she turns into a lovely young lady, and they can live their lives happily ever after.



#1 is a


imagine if you meet a beautiful person but they were really mean and bossy "beauty is only skin deep"because the same thing applies if you meet a less attractive person but they are kind beauty is only skin deep

The right answer is(A)



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