Read the excerpt from the people could fly.
never again do bruh gator sleep most far from the riverside. if he yeddy any branch
sound be like cracklin fire, he don't say nothin. just quick, him fall off he log in the wat
it. for true.
based on the clues in the excerpt, what does yeddy mean?



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Read the excerpt from The People Could Fly.

Never again do Br uh Gator sleep most far from the riverside. If he eddy any branch creak, or gush snap, if he eddy any

sound be like crackling fire, he don't say . Just quick, him fall off he log in the water. Cause he know Trouble when nothing he

hear it. For true

Based on the clues in the excerpt, what does eddy mean?





Hearing would be the only answer if you were to replace the words.

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just know it is hear got a 100 on the test anyway how is everyone's day

D). Hear.


The authors provide context clues that assist the readers to ascertain the meaning of unfamiliar words. These clues are usually found near the words that surround unknown words which assists the readers to determine the actual meaning of the word and understand the text thoroughly.

In the given excerpt, the word 'yeddy' stands for 'hear' as the context clues like 'branch sound' helps to reach this conclusion. Thus, the sentence 'If he yeddy any branch sound be like cracklin fire' would imply 'if he yeddy(hears) any branch sound like crackling fire' which fits according to the context of the line. Thus, option D is the correct answer as the other options go irrelevant to the context.

D hear


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