What is the mood of the haiku?


B. Carefree and optimistic


b on e2020


1. The author uses personification to connect with the reader by giving the maple human characteristics.

2. Personification

3. Thoughtful


Using personification is one of the many literary devices the authors tend to use in their poems to help connect the reader with the object that is personified and make the writing more vivid. We can find it whenever we see non-human entities (ideas, qualities, nature, emotion, event, animals, etc.) with human traits (such as thinking, throwing, talking) - Option 2.

In the excerpt of The Morns Are Meeker Than They Were, Dickison gives the maple (an animal) and the field (nature) humans attributes: the will and the consciences of deciding to wear clothes such as a gayer scarf and scarlet gown - Option 1.

In the haiku, the mood that best describes it is thoughtful, as the narrator seems to be concerned about what may happen to the ducklings if they go near the pond, which is watched by a weasel. Through this warning, the narrator demonstrates consideration for others and kindness and sets the overall feeling or atmosphere for the reader - Option 3.

1. The author uses personification to connect with the reader by giving the maple human characteristics.

2. Imagery

3. sad


For my explanation for #3, Weasels eat ducklings, so the character would be sad.

the answer is amused


This was just on my online quiz, I went with someone else answer and got it wrong (they had said thoughtful), lol so want to help others get the correct answer

Carefree and optimistic.

Matsuo Basho was the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan. He is now recognized as the greatest master of haiku, and his poetry is known worldwide.

In this haiku, Basho is trying to convey a carefree and optimistic mood. The singing of the skylark is a happy sound, and the fact that the bird is attached to nothing gives us a feeling of freedom and liberation.

1- A     2-Personification       3-Amused


I just took the test and got them right! God bless you! Have a great day

1 is C. conversational3 is C. personification

The answer is: Calm, or playful

what is the haiku your looking at most are playful though


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