When the forest canopy is removed, the moist soil is
exposed to direct sunlight. this causes it to dry out.
without the root structures to hold the soil in place, the
dried-out dirt is carried away by wind and rain. eventually,
what was once a lush forest becomes a barren desert.
what does the author's word choice most clearly suggest regarding his
feelings about deforestation?
a. he describes the soil as "carried away" to show that he feels
to stop the process.
b. he seems frustrated that deforestation is continuing when the
consequences are so obviously detrimental.
c. he uses the words "removed" and "exposed to inspire readers to
get upset and take action.
d. he uses the words "lush" and "barren" to express regret at what the planet loses as a result of deforestation


The main idea is basically "what is the passage saying?" If you read you will realize that it's informational passage of effects of removing forest canopy and soil erosion. The correct answer would, therefore, be D.
C. The recent increase in traffic accidents is due to the removal of a stoplight.

Explanation: The passage is a cause and effect because it is stating that the removal of the forest canopy will result to a barren desert much like the answer c when it is saying that the removal of a stoplight will result in a recent increase in traffic accidents
B An example of changing legislation can be seen in the case of smith vs. ohio

D.Cutting down trees is bad not only for the trees but also for the soil.


If the trees are cut down, forests disappear. Besides, when the trees are not longer in the forest, the soil also gets damaged. The sunlight heats it up and it dries out. As the roots of the trees are not longer there, the soil cannot be held in the root structure, and it is carried away by wind and rain. As a consequence, the forest turns into a dessert.

*READ THE BOTTOM* B He/She is clearly concerned on the topic of deforestation.


They say that it will "become a barren desert". This terminology in this paragraph shows that they are concerned.

I may not be correct, but you get the idea.

D. It examines the connection between cutting down trees and the environmental outcome.

Explanation: A. Is incorrect because it suggests that the Amazon is already deforested.

B. While it does create an image, that’s not really what the excerpt is about.

C. Is incorrect because it’s not talking about the seriousness about it. That’s left to interpretation. It’s more telling you the cause and effect.

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