If you have chosen to display a personal photo at work, be aware in the photo


If you have chosen to display a personal photo at work, you should be aware of the details in the environment of the photo. This is important because the environment where a person is frequent represents his values, his belief and his behavior. So based on the environment, others can already predict who you are. 
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If you have chosen to display a personal photo at, be aware of in the photo.

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Details in the environment.


If you have chosen to display a personal photo at work, be aware of details in the environment in the photo. Frequently, when we display some information to a group of people at work or school, it's a common mistake to show more than you wish, having embarrassing moments. In this case, you are gonna show personal photos already, but before that you need to make sure you pick the right photos, without any embarrassing detail.

You in the photo


because if you got other people in the photos they want accept it

details in the environment


When you take pictures of your workplace be careful about the details of the environment. This is because some information that should not be disclosed or not allowed to be disclosed about your work may be included in the environment around you and you may end up sharing it through a photo. This would be very harmful to you because it could make you lose your job or leave your bad reputation within your company.

When Displaying a Personal photo at work be Aware of the Objects, People, And The surroundings In the photo.

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