What does frankenstein do after his creation to life


He feels ill...

I gues.
Never saw the movie

The right answer is "d. He views it with horror and runs to hide from it."

Victor Frankenstein is dedicated to creating a giant human being, sacrificing contact with family and health, and after two years he is successful. However, Victor is angry with his creation, and leaves, fleeing.

After a while Frankenstein finds the creature who demands that Frankenstein build a female for him, promising in turn to leave humanity alone and go live with his fiancée in the jungles of South America.

Frankenstein agrees however, he changes his mind, fearing to create a race of monsters that could turn not only against him, but against the whole human race. After making several considerations, Frankenstein decides that he has to suffer the consequences for his actions and not humanity, destroying the incomplete creature. The monster accompanies the act, and vows to take revenge.

The correct answer is: He views it with  horror and runs to hide from it.

The answer would be D.


He rushes away from it and wanders the streets of Ingolstadt


He looks at with horror



Answer for apex is " He views it with horror and runs to hide from it. "

He runs away in fear because of what he has done.

Once Dr. Frankenstein revives his creation to life, he is in horror of what he has done and runs away in fear.


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