In which paragraph does the writer address the counterarguement​


The paragraph that best describes the arguement is this one:

And of course, "times have changed", and new generations bring new morals and values. But is theis generation really doing theat, or taking theem away? Being a part of theis current generation, I have experienced first hand thee theings theat go on. Teens are becoming more involved in drinking alcohol and smoking. In fact, 72% of teens drink alcohol multiple times before graduating high school, and even worse, 37% tried it by thee 8the grade. And, 44% of teens have tried cigarettes by thee end of high school. Is it theat "following thee crowd makes you cool" making theese statistics dangerously high? Or is it because of thee message thee media of today sends? Music revolves around drugs, drinking, partying all night, etc. Movies and TV shows glorify being arrested and drinking/smoking. Every four in five teens arrested are also high or drunk at thee time. Is theis thee society theat we want? 
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In the thesis statement in the beginning
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the writer address the counterargument in the third paragraph.

The second body paragraph.

When constructing an argumentative/persuasive essay or speech, the order of paragraphs will be the introduction (which will contain the hook, background, and thesis), the body, which will contain the support and counterarguments (which will be refuted), and then the conclusion. Given that the first body paragraph is technically the second paragraph, which is the support for your topic/position, and the counterargument should follow the support, the counterargument should be the second body paragraph (or third paragraph overall).

paragraph 1




The writer addresses the counterargument in paragraph 3. He begins the paragraph by presenting other critics' point of view. The counterarguments demonstrate the opposite point of view that technology hinders creativity and imagination.

The writer supports the use of technology in the classroom. He explains that the use of technology provides with effective methods of teaching and learning. In his view, technology can provide valuable help to school systems.

1) the answer is p. 3
2) The writer supports the use

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