Joshua has written an argumentative essay on the value of teaching sculpture to primary school students. which
sentence would be the best concluding statement for this essay?

a. sculpting children appreciate nature because they learn to see the beauty in their
surroundings and gain knowledge about the rich cultures of different countries.

b. some people may think that sculpture is a complex art best left out of the school curriculum, but
these findings confirm that it children learn several essential skills.

c. children should learn sculpting as part of their school curriculum because sculpting has a positive
influence on their emotional development.

d. children should learn sculpting in schools because they can express themselves through
sculpture, which them channel their emotions in a productive manner.

Joshua has written an argumentative essay on the value of teaching sculpture to primary school stude


finally, school uniforms should not happen we don't like looking alike



There are pets to fit every person's lifestyle; for me, that pet is a dog. This statement is the strongest way to end your informative essay on your favorite kind of pet.



i just took the quiz and got the  answer so they is right

D. Children should learn sculpting in schools because they can express themselves through sculpture which helps them channel their emotions in a productive manner.


Being an argumentative essay, this option seem to win the argument because it higlights how productive children can become when they are exposed to sculpting very early in life and also makes them expressive by channelling their emotions to something worthwhile, this for me i believe is essential in the formative years of children

d, because it gave a point that pets fit to everyones life style and then youre opinion on which you like

C) Theatre classes promote a love of performance and an appreciation of the arts.


hope its right

c or d


B) Friendship is essential to a healthy emotional life.


The aim of the essay is to emphasize the importance of friendship. The best conclusive statement that reiterates this said fact is how essential friendships are to a healthy emotional life. Psychologists explain that an individual that has got great friends looking out for them are less likely to be depressed, sad, and emotionally unbalanced. Friendships helps;

Facilitates a better sense of belonging and purpose.

Grows one's happiness and helps to degenerate stress levels.

Boost one's self-confidence and self-worth.

A concluding statement is a statement that includes a summary of what has been said. So it should not start with words like "But" or "Even though which rules out A) and C).  If B) states which toy has a long and interesting history, then it could be the answer.  As it is, the only answer that can be a concluding statement is D) Wham-O became the most successful manufacturer of hula hoops, and it is still a popular toy today.



"These toys have been around for a long time" is the evidence that they have never stopped being made and sales have remained relatively steady.

Answer 13: A.  active voice


 If  a writer wanted to put emphasis on the person doing the action, he or she needs to choose the active voice, the passive voice sometimes doesn't require the doer of the action.

Answer 14: A. Have you ever wished for anything so badly that it hurt not to have it?

Explanation: The sentence above is a question and not a fact being expressed, so it needs to be removed/revised.

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