To whom does the writer address his argument in keep on reading article


the boy's acceleration toward the girl is 2.08 m/s^2.


according the newton's third law, the force causing the girl accelerate towards the boy will be me with equal counter-force causing the boy to accelerate towards the girl. these forces will be of equal magnitude and allows us to determine the boy's acceleration:

f_{boy} = f_{girl}\\f_{girl} = m_{girl}\cdot a_{girl} = 37kg\cdot 3.2 \frac{m}{s^2}=118.40n\\\implies f_{boy} = 118.40n\\a_{boy} = \frac{f_{boy}}{m_{boy}}=\frac{118.4n}{57kg}=2.08\frac{m}{s^2}

the boy's acceleration toward the girl is 2.08 m/s^2.

The answer is "he was bad enough in all conscience, but the devil himself could not temp him to turn slave-trader. satirical is a synonym for sarcastic. so when the author says that tom walker could not be tempted by the devil he does not literally mean "the devil" but he means that he is too morally upright to become a slave-trader.

dr. kings dream speech


it was late in the day and hot, and after a long march and an afternoon of speeches about federal legislation, unemployment and racial and social justice, the rev. dr. martin luther king jr. finally stepped to the lectern, in front of the lincoln memorial, to address the crowd of 250,000 gathered on the national mall.

both the address and the poster use diction to convey their message. diction is defined as a style of writing or speaking based on the types of words chosen in order to send a message. parallelism is when a similar sentence structure is used for several sentences on a text; roosevelt's address doesn't follow that. repetition has to do with repeating a word or sentence in order to emphasize and idea, however neither the poster nor the address use repetion. finally, the address doesn't use images to convey a message.

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