Poem used: the prisoner, by emily bronte 1. define imagery, mood, and tone. what is the difference between a simile and a metaphor? 2. why do poets & authors use figurative language? what is an example of figurative language that you used in your original poem? what was the theme of your poem? 3. explain how speaking your poem adds to its meaning. what voice features did you use to make sure this occurred? 4. look at your original poetry, identify features used both in speaking and in writing that conveyed the meaning of your poem. how could the delivery of your poem be made better to emulate tone/mood effectively? 5. compare the mood and tone of your poem to any other poem from this module. how did you develop the mood and tone? provide examples from your poetry. 6. how did the author of the other poem develop mood and tone? what can you learn from this poem and apply it to your own poetry writing?


While a simile and a metaphor both compare two things, a simile compares them by using 'like' or 'as' and a metaphor does not. An example of a simile is "the food was as cold as ice" and an example of a metaphor is "he is such a baby" :D
True. A simile on the other hand would say “time is like a thief.”
The difference between metaphors and similes is that similes hit you over the head with the comparison by using explicit words such as “like” or “as,” -- When Jon Bon Jovi sings “My heart is like an open highway,” that's a simile because he used the word “like” to directly make the comparison
A simile is a phrase that uses the words like or as in a sentence to compare two or more things.

A metaphor is a phrase / a way to compare two or more completely different things without using like or as in a sentence.

Here is an example for a Simile : Wow , he is as fast as a cheetah when running. 

Here is an example of a Metaphor : Whoa , that dude is a computer when it comes to math.

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A simile is a comparison using "as" or "like" and a metaphor is a comparison without using "like" or "as"
A metaphor makes a direct comparison be tween to things while a simile show similarities using " like or as" makes

The difference between a metaphor and simile is that a simile uses like or as in a sentence while a metaphor doesn't.


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The correct answer is C. A simile uses as or like to make a comparison and a metaphor doesn't.


Both simile and metaphor are figures of speech widely used in literature such as poetry to create a comparison between two ideas, concepts, people, etc. This means they both had the same objective and therefore are used similarly. Despite this, simile differs from metaphor because in simile the comparison is explicitly stated by the use of words such as "like" or "as" for example in "Your eyes are like stars", but this is not necessary in the case of metaphors, for example, "Your eyes were stars" is a metaphor.

Simile and metaphor


Simile amd metaphor are 2 differnt figures of speech which are commonly used in poems and these are a main part of poem writing

Simile - comparison using "like" or "as"

Metaphor - comparison without using like or as

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