After finny's injury, gene puts on his best friend's clothes, and later finny insists that gene play sports for him. which best describes what these events represent? a. gene symbolically becomes a part of finny. b. gene faces the truth about what he's done to his best friend. c. gene breaks the rules at devon. d. gene loses touch with reality.


C) Gene symbolically becomes a part of Finny. Chapter 5 - he wore Finny's clothings and sees himself as Finny.
The best answer for this question is C: because it's breaking the rules.

I wouldn't say the answer is A.) because Gene isn't really apart of Finny, He's just pretending to be Finny. Pretending to be someone and doing their work for them is counted as cheating.

I really hope that this helps you out a lot. Have a nice day :)
A, Gene symbolically becomes a part of Finny

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