Munchy's promise
aren't you tired of eating lunch surrounded
by noisy high school students?
aren't you fed up with endless cellphone
conversations, loud music, messy tables?
aren't you infuriated seeing
teenage students taking over every
restaurant downtown?
we promise that you'll have the quiet
lunch you deserve, because munchy's
has the solution!
no music!
no cellphones!
no students!
mr. joe "munchy" jones and his team
will make sure you get the midday
break that you deserve!
come to a "quiet lunch" at munchy's!
from noon to 3 pm, monday through friday, we will be a teen-free zone!
close read
1. what assumptions is mr. jones making about teenagers?
2. what assumptions is he making about adults?


answer: librarians is the correct word.

the answer would either be a or d

i hope this

  1) That teenagers are very distracting, disruptive, and noisy.

                 2) That they deserve some quietness and a place to relax and have less stress on their heads to be away from children for while.  


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