Why is it important that parents talk to their children about social issues such as divorce, finances, and unemployment? how can parents talk about difficult topics?


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The main thing in parenting from the start is communication. If you're able to establish factors and have a positive outlook on things, the child would feel less pressure in the first place and would have less chance of developing anxieties over these topics. A suggestion would be if something is actually happening and you must explain to your child, honesty would be important, and it would be very vital to make sure your child does not feel burdened by the issue or feels to blame. If they are very young, around six perhaps, and one of the issues was happening it would be important to talk to them seriously of course, yet with a happy tone, and a nice outlook, telling them it will always be okay and you are always going to be there for them. At the same time, I would not explain every detail of the issue since they would be very young, so just tell them what you feel they deserve to know and respect that they are still a child and their youth is important. At the end of the day, honesty, communication, and able to respect each other always helps in parenting.

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