Plz halp. which statements are true about theme? check all that apply. 1.) themes are observations about life. 2.) themes can be stated in a sentence. 3.) themes and topics are the same thing. 4.) themes are messages a text conveys about a topic. 5.) examples of themes include loyalty, corruption, and greed. 6.)themes are rarely stated directly and need to be inferred by the reader.


it means that the hockey puck was traveling very fast.

halibut, flounder, tuna, and trout are all fish. so your first answer is 1.) fish. and since fish is edible, your next answer would be 3). edible

to describe those fishes more thoroughly, some of those fishes live in fresh water, and some of the fishes live in salt water, and that is not a thing that they all have in common. the question is asking what is common with all of the fish, so answer choices 2). fresh water and 4). salt water are not right.

The answer is 4 and 2
Your answer would most likely be 4 and 2

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