Which textual evidence develops the viewpoint that a wedding is an important ceremony in a young woman’s life?

a.) the repetition of “the leaves” of the henna-tree expresses the fertility of the bride as she prepares for the next stage in her life.

b.) the instruction to “grind” the henna-leaves in “mortars of amber and gold” illustrate the scale of the wedding and how costly it will be for the bride and her family.

c.) the vivid descriptions of the bride’s appearance in the lines, “the tilka's red for the brow of a bride, / and betel-nut's red for lips that are sweet; ” emphasize the focus on the bride’s beauty.

d.) the speaker’s insistence that the maidens “hasten away” and abandon their “pitchers” to gather the leaves of the henna-tree creates urgency and emphasizes the significance of the wedding.


substitute y = 2x - 4 to x + 2y = 12:

x + 2(2x - 4) = 12     use distributive property

x + (2)(2x) + () = 12

x + 4x - 8 = 12     add 8 to both sides

5x = 20     divide both sides by 5

x = 4

put the value of x to the first equation:

y = 2(4) - 4

y = 8 - 4

y = 4

answer: x = 4 and y = 4

situational archetype describes the adventures of hero. the examples of situational archetypes are the quest, good vs evil, the task which represent respectively search, good forces, characters vs the evil ones and a certain job that must be done. from the given options, we cannot observe the subplot the beauty and the beast which is a correct answer for this question.

The correct answer would be D.) The speaker's insistence that the maidens "Hasten away" and abandon their "pitchers" to gather the leaves of the henna-tree creates urgency and emphasizes the significance of the wedding.

Explanation: D is the correct answer as "Hasten away" proves of urgency  where as how they "abandon their pitchers" makes it seem that the wedding is more important then whatever they are doing.

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