What is the central idea of the letter to the editor?

the city’s center should be a mixed-use development.
the center of the city is the most popular area.
urban sprawl has significant benefits for the city.
mixed-use developments are preferable to urban sprawl.


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I would think its D. because in the story "Letter to the editor" How are mixed-use areas different from what we have now? Let me tell you. Our city currently has a dense downtown area and then a massive amount of sprawl reaching out in every direction—the sprawl takes up seventy-five percent of the city’s land. Urban sprawl, the spreading of large developments of housing and shopping areas around a city’s center, has many negative cultural and environmental effects. Sprawl increases traffic congestion along highways. The residents who live in these faraway suburbs often work downtown, where the majority of businesses are still located. They have to undertake long commutes to and from work every day, which limits their time with family and friends and increases their time alone on the road. These longer commutes also result in increased air pollution that can lead to smog problems for the city.

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