What did the author of “the cold equations” most likely want you to believe? what examples from the story make you think this? explain your answer in three to five sentences.


The story "The Cold Equation"  is a scifi story that state about a girl called Manilyn secretly walks to a ship that is mission to give a supply to a colonist and being ejected to the space because she might failed the mission and makes the two of them be dead, including the pilot. The author wants us to believe that the story states a good physics but very poor engineering, based on the kind of ship that is overweight with just and additional weight of a poor girl 
As far as I am concerned, the author of “The Cold Equations” most likely wants you to believe that Marilyn was supposed to get thrown overboard. She was threatened to be killed and this excerpt clearly shows the idea , so it will definitely help you:

“You mean it — you really mean it.” She sagged back against the wall, small and limp like a little rag doll,and all the protesting and disbelief gone. “You’re going to do it — you’re going to make me die?” “I’m sorry,” he said again. “You’ll never know how sorry I am. It has to be that way and no human in the universe can change it.”





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