How should your writing differ if you were writing to a team of professionals versus patients?


Your writing should not differ. writing to patients as well as professionals, should both be written in a professional matter.
When writing to a team of professionals, you should be formal, and provide details, and when writing to a patient, it should be neat (not sloppy because sloppy handwriting has caused patients to die in the past) and should provide help and maybe somewhere they can find further information.
Versus what exactly may I ask?
Professionals are more formal, like talking to an older person. To patients, more towards informal. 

Answer : Writing is a skill, it has to be different while dealing with team of professional and patients. While dealing with the team of professionals one can use short forms, jargons, etc. with a formal writing style along with the required details.

Whereas when writing for patients they have to be clear, clean in handwriting and should be able to convey important information related to patients. They cannot use their short forms or jargons or technical terms for the patients.

If you were writing to patients, you would want to use less technical language and explain yourself more thoroughly, but with professionals you wouldn't really need to explain because presumably they know the material.

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