Which line from the story contains dialect?

Which line from the story contains dialect?


The waves are solid, and there's a laua at Mama's at 6:00. Wanna come?


Both of these sentences show dialect. The first sentences states that the waves are 'solid' - which would be regional reference and they are going to 'Mama's' which would also indicated a dialect, along with 'wanna' in the second sentence.

The line that contains dialect is "I’ve been buyin’ us tickets for next weekend’s show uptown at the Grand. I hope I can talk you into leavin’ the stoop for one night."


A dialect is a regional variety of a language. It is distinguished from other regional varieties by characteristics of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It is common for authors to represent their characters' dialect through spelling. In this case, we can find such a representation in the words  buyin' and leavin'. Instead of spelling them in their regular, grammatically correct form, the author chose to show his character's pronunciation by dropping the final -g.

The answer is, "yeah, I'll ask madialect in speech means you replace the common or correct word (money), with slang, (bucks)...

Number 2 has dialect.

I believe the correct answer is 2nd one Yeah, and l'll ask Ma If I can have a couple bucks so we can buy some pops up on Lincoln.

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C.“Hi, Charley!” Ginny responded. “We were delayed flying out of Newark, but it was an easy flight.”




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"I’ve been buyin’ us tickets for next weekend’s show uptown at the Grand. I hope I can talk you into leavin’ the stoop for one night."


Dialect refers to the way a person speaks a particular language. This way is usually associated with a certain social group, geographical area, class or district. People who share a dialect have a way of speaking that differs from the standard in spelling, sounds, grammar and pronunciation. In this example, this line contains dialect, as it shows the particular way of speaking of Carla's brother.

The second one I believe. Dialect is another way of saying speech. I find that the easiest way to find dialect is to look for ". So you can already eliminate 2. Then you can look for "said... " or "answered... " etc. to narrow it down

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