8. after re-reading jobs' speech, write down three pieces of his advice to the audience. use your own words. do these messages seem to hold more logos or pathos for you? explain which of the two (logos or pathos) is more powerful to you. why'?


Yes, because human memory can only last decades and word of mouth tends to either fade or distort. I find wisdoms& joys from other eras from reading literature.
Who ever already put the answer in the question, THANK YOU.
I like to read literature because it takes me into a new place and I get to experience the characters struggles. It is a escape and I love feeling what the character does. I just enjoy the feeling I get when I don't like something.
D.)Read aloud, as this helps to stimulate the brain!
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you can do bread. heres some helpful number for you

price of bread $1.25   $5.00   $9.00   $15.00

person one         10          2          0            0

person two           5           4          1            0

person three        20         10        5             1

person four           2             1         0           0

person 5                8             2       2             0

person 6                 5            5        3           2

person 7                   15           3       1         0

person 8                    1             0       0        0

person 9                      25         5         2       1

person 10                     8            5         3      2

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The strategy that is best used when you listening to a poem being read aloud is:

b. Summarize each stanza as it is read.


When you hear a poem, the ideas actually pass fast and that doesn't give time for taking note, though just be keywords, the best option could summarize the stanzas mentally, keeping the principal idea and to weave stanza by stanza, in the end, to understand and enjoy the poem.

D) by stressing certain words or syllables.

Explanation: Rhythm is a literary device that demonstrates the long and short patterns through stressed and unstressed syllables, particularly in verse form. Lyric poems have a musical rhythm, and their topics often explore romantic feelings or other strong emotions. From the given options, the one that represents how the rhythm is created in a lyric poem, is the corresponding to option D: by stressing certain words or syllables.

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